Andrew receives congratulations from Mayor Amy Brewer

           My name is Andrew Huitger. In the summer of 2010, as a member of Lebanon Troop 186, I constructed a Wildlife Observation Blind and Feeders for my Eagle Scout project in the Will and Harriet Miller Ecological Park. The observation blind was constructed with generous funding provided by the Miller Ecological Park Foundation and through the mentoring of Andy Olsen Construction. The feeders have been funded by the contributions of many generous neighbors of Miller’s Crossing and the generosity of the Wild Bird Center in Deerfield Town Center.

            The wildlife blind was constructed to allow visitors of any age, size, or physical ability the opportunity to view not only song birds but hopefully deer, wild turkey, squirrels, raccoons or other wildlife which make Miller Park and its surrounding area their home. I hope to see OUR project grow with additional feeders and enhancements. I encourage you to take some time, visit the park and stay for some bird watching.

            We could use your help. If you can, please bring seed to stock the feeders and encourage others to do so also. Wild bird seed, thistle seed, sunflower seed, shelled peanuts and/or suet cakes are needed. A storage bin has been placed here for donations. Feel free to stock them yourself. If you have a new feeder you’d like to add or an older retired feeder no longer used, feel free to drop it off at the site. I’ll make sure it gets placed at the site. It would be the next step towards its success.

            A geocache has been set at the Wildlife Blind. The cache is currently one of three registered geocaches in the park. You can find more information on Geocaching at this website or at

            Visitors, please log your visit at the site. We are anxious to hear from you. Log any wildlife or birds you may have seen. I am honored to give back to everyone who has helped me reach my goal of Eagle Scout. Thank you for visiting the Miller Ecological Park.



Yours in Scouting,


Andrew Huitger