Carrie Vaughan, a Lebanon Junior High Science teacher and member of the Steering Committee for Friends of Miller Ecological Park, held an outdoor workshop for students on May 10. The topic was : "Exploring an Ecosystem: An Interdisciplinary Lesson at Miller Ecological Park." Students used the land at Miller Ecological Park to participate in lessons led by their reading, writing, math, science and history teachers.

Students were involved in a variety of activities that allowed them to use the park space and venture outside the classroom. Activities included: using weather instruments and creating a weather report for the park, analyzing poetry, persuasive writing about the park, a history of Miller Ecological Park and other U.S. parks, using the sampling method to estimate the population of grass in a section of land, and using scale factor to estimate the height of a tree on the property.

Congratulations to Carrie and all of the staff and students who made this day a success!

Photo Gallery for Outdoor Workshop: Click here