Spraying from the fall, prepared the southern meadow for planting.

Lebanon City Prepares Miller Ecological Park for Spring 2012 Planting

Two areas of Miller Ecological Park have been planted as wildflower and grass prairies.  One is located in the southern field along the back of the property.  This is the largest area.  The other prairie will be in the field behind the Henry Farm.  For a map

Heidi Devine a Wildlife Biologist with Ohio Department of Natural Resources is working with the City to establish the prairie areas.  Following her recommendations, the City mowed and sprayed the large southern area with an herbicide in the fall. They will be spraying a second herbicide application this spring and are hoping to spray the smaller area also.

Tim Osborne of the Shaker Trace Nursery of Hamilton County Park District recommended a seed mix for Miller Ecological Park which was approved by Heidi Devine and the City.  Most seeds were purchased at a discount from Hamilton County District Park by the City.  Some of the recommended seeds were not available through HCDP and were purchased from  Ohio Prairie Nursery.  The Miller Ecological Park Fund contributed the portion for those seeds. Click here: For a list of the seeds.

The purchased seeds will be used in the larger prairie.  Sue Fry, member of the Friends of Miller Ecological Park, has donated all of seed necessary for the City to plant the smaller prairie.  The Ohio Department of Natural Resources has offered to loan the equipment needed for planting.  It will take three years to develop a prairie garden, and it is important to follow specific planting and maintenance steps every year, even after the garden is established.