Robert Henn identifies wildflowers of Miller Ecological Park

Biologist, Bob Henn, Volunteering at Miller Ecological Park

Bob Henn, author of Wildflowers of Ohio (2008) is currently doing an inventory of mammals, trees, birds and wildflowers of Miller Ecological Park. 

Bob's Report: April 11, 2012

Had a beautiful walk through the park today. The highlight was spotting a Killdeer sitting on her nest. As I approached she flew a short way and I looked down to see two beautiful spotted eggs in her nest. The male was doing the broken wing act nearby to attract would-be predators. I walked away, she returned to sit on the nest and blended in perfectly with the ground cover! Then I watched Barn Swallows darting overhead. I really expect them to build a nest in the rafters of one of the shelters.

The mower from the City of Lebanon completely mowed the front half of the park this afternoon. It looks great.

The new mound which will someday become the children's play hill continues to grow and grow.

Someone (who knew what they were doing) braced all of the 18 maple trees that Lebanon planted last year. They also put a plastic deer guard around the trunk of each tree. Very nice job. All of the trees are leafing out now.

Jake Henry continues to mow down and remove the honeysuckle.

Steve Henry continues to drag old rusty metal from Will's Run and take it to his barn/trash area. Steve and Jake  planted corn today! This has to be the earliest they have ever planted corn. Last... I recovered 3 wild golf balls!

New sightings: Birds: Barn swallow and Cowbird; Wildflowers: Butterweed, Yellow Avens, Hairy Rock-Cress, Common Fleabane, Curly Dock

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