Jack Blosser shares information about ancient tools at the Miller Ecological Park Dedication.


Area State Parks Naturalist, Erin Shaw, came up with the idea to present the topic of local Native American artifacts on her most recent“Nature’s Corner” program.  You may find it interesting to watch the program at the link below.  For that program I was loaned a collection of artifacts gathered nearby many decades ago.  The collection belongs to Fred and Judy Bay of Warren County.  Ft. Ancient Site Manager, Jack Blosser, spent quite some time with me identifying the items in the collection.  Jack is an archeologist and an expert on this subject, and it was a memorable experience for me to watch him categorize and identify 150 items by sight and by feel.  And he did it in less than 2 hours!  As Jack identified the artifacts I was trying to make notes as fast as he was talking.  I hope I kept up with him so that the list of identifications I made will provide Fred and Judy Bay with a reasonably accurate menu of the items in their collection.

 Here’s the link to the program video: