Mowed area leading into the Wetlands


The final closing statement for the purchase of 51.5 acres, including wetland property, adjacent to Miller Ecological Park, was dated August 16, 2013.  The City's Clean Ohio Fund Application in the amount of $551,000 to purchase the 51.5 acre Northwest Farms property adjacent to Miller Ecological Park was approved by the Natural Resource Advisory Committee (NRAC) earlier this summer and has been funded. Community matching funds were donated by the Harmon Civic Trust ($9,000) and the Miller Ecological Trust Fund ($8,000). The grant was awarded in a large part due to community support and financial contributions to develop the existing Miller Ecological Park.  With the 46.2 acres of the original part and the 51.5 acres in the new section, Miiller Ecological Park now contains just under 100 acres.


Tim Huitger, Chairperson of MEP, is working with Greg Hitzhusen of the School of Environment and Natural Resources of the Ohio State University to encourage students to study the new 51 acres of Miller Ecological Park.  The purpose of the study would be to suggest the best ways in which the land could be restored to its natural state.  Two groups of 5 students each have chosen MEP as their study site. Their final report will be presented on November 6, 2013.


"Lebanon will more than double the size of the Miller Ecological Park . City officials were successful in securing a state green space preservation grant. The city will be able  to purchase 51 acres just south of the 46-acre Miller Ecological Park on Miller Road" as they received the Clean Ohio Grant which was submitted. The grant restricts use on the new parcel to passive activities only, to preserve the green space and wetlands." For complete article: click