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Trustees, October 2014: Mike Mullett, Nancy Myerholtz, Dave Lacey, Jane Davis, Esther Larson, Marsha Ginther, and Tim Huitger

Trustees include three Ex-Officio community members:

  • Jane Davis, Chairperson (Member of Parks and Recreation Board)
  • Marsha Ginther (Ecology Specialist)
  • Tim Huitger(Degree in Parks and Rec)
  • Dave Lacey (Northrop Grumman)
  • Heather Lacey (Ecologist)

and three Miller family members:

  • Nancy Miller Myerholtz, Secretary
  • Michael Alan Mullett 
  • Esther Banta Larson

Advisor: Henry Brockman, Warren County Foundation

We are adding biographies as we receive them.

Esther Banta Larson

Esther shows the stress suma that Emiko passed out at a Friendship Park meeting.

Esther Banta Larson is a great-niece of Will and Harriett Miller.  Esther's grandmother, Georgia Banta, was a sister to Harriett.  Esther grew up in Lebanon and has spent most of her life here.  She was a teacher for Lebanon City Schools for 32 years with most of those years spent in Kindergarten.  She also taught 5 additional years in Baltimore, Maryland.  Since retirement Esther has served on the Board of Education for Lebanon City Schools and also on the Board for the Warren County Career Center. 

Esther, and her husband for 48 years, James Larson, live on land that has been in the Banta family since the Simm's Purchase.  Their son, Chad, and wife Renee, and 3 of their children live right behind them.  Chad and Renee's oldest son and 2 little boys also live in Lebanon.  Jim's and Esther's daughter, Nicole, and her daughter live in Esther's parents home next door.  Heritage and family are important aspects to this Lebanonite.

Esther enjoys attending activities of her grandchildren, volunteering in  the schools, swimming in their backyard pool, and painting greeting cards and pictures.

She is honored to serve on the Miler Ecological Fund Trustees of the Warren County Foundation.