MEP Daffodils (Carol Carraway)Keep your eyes open to discovery (Peggy Logue)Photo by Eric AdamsKildeer on nest ( Dave Woehr)Photo by Eric AdamsPeggy Logue points to new sign of MEP birds in Wildlife Blind

The Season is Bright at Miller Ecological Park

Located within walking distance of three Lebanon City Schools and along the City's bike path, the opportunities and benefits of developing The Will and Harriet Miller Park as an ecological park for passive recreational activities have inspired City administrators and planners, area school personnel, local businesses, service organizations, neighbors, and the Miller Family descendants to join together to make the idea become a reality.   To see picture titles, place your cursor on the picture. To view a map of the park: Click Here




 ORDER MEMORIAL AND HONORARY MEP BRICKS NOW2021 PRICE: $100 or $75 if you are a Volunteer with Miller Ecological Park. Click here for order form.  See article below for more information.

Bird Monitoring with Austin Langdon:

CONTACT Casey Burdick to learn about  volunteer opportunities.  Casey is the City of Lebanon Recreation and Natural Resources Coordinator. 513-228-3104;


Photo by Dave Woehr

Miller Park Sightings April 13, 2021

by Dave Woehr

It was a beautiful Spring day in Miller Park, sixty degrees and sunny.   It was a toss-up as to which was the prettier:  the carpet of dandelions on the green lawn or the Wild Plum blossoms.  The plum blossoms emitted a sweet scent that should get the attention of any early-arriving hummingbirds in the area.  The Red-shouldered Hawk circled overhead and called loudly. The Birch tree at the first trail split was abloom with beautiful catkins.  I found a piece of dead wood on the ground with Mica Cap mushrooms growing on it.  A young mother walked the park trails carrying an infant. 

I saw both Bullfrogs and Green Frogs along the edges of streams and puddles in the park.  Several gray squirrels hung out in the scrub growth along Will’s Run.  The Killdeer is still incubating four eggs in her nest.  They are due to hatch any day now.  I’ve been keeping an eye on them for several weeks.  I do not approach the nest when other people are nearby.  I don’t want anyone to know it is there.  It is so well camouflaged that it could easily be stepped on and destroyed.  Once the babies hatch they will be safe because they can run like a deer for safety.

Miller Park is beautiful any time of the year, but it would be hard to beat the way it looked under the blue sky and sun today.

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Entrance to Labyrinth

Discover the Benefits of a Labyrinth: by Peggy Logue

There is a Labyrinth along the walking path at Miller Ecological Park. Getting into nature by biking, walking, and playing is so important for mental and physical health,  But a Labyrinth encourages a whole new spiritual dimension.  

The labyrinth as a powerful spiritual tool guides us on a path to healing, deeper self-knowledge, creativity and transformation. It is an ancient pattern re-emerging in our contemporary culture helping us as we seek sacred moments and reconnection with the Divine.

Suggestions on walking the labyrinth:

Before you walk the path, stand at the entrance and think about the gifts you have been given. Think how awesome life is. 
In a spirit of gratitude, begin to walk the labyrinth. Think of letting go of ALL that troubles you. Shed ALL that holds you back.
As you reach the center, be open and empty for new awareness, new awakenings, and new beginnings to emerge.
As you walk out from the center, in a gentile spirit of gratitude, KNOW that you are engaged in transformation. 
For more information contact Peggy Logue
Suggested reading: Walking a Sacred Path by Lauren Artress
Wildflowers of MEP

Wildflowers of Miller Ecological Park

Last year Bob Henn wrote a book entitled, Wildflowers of Miller Ecological  Park. The publication includes photos, dates and locations of the flower in MEP, Latin name, and a great index. It will be available for purchase this spring.  Bob Henn has been actively involved with Miller Ecological Park since 2012.  A biologist, naturalist, teacher and lifelong resident of Ohio, he is the author of Wildflowers of Ohio. At MEP,  he has taken a special interest in the Girl Scout Butterfly Garden in Miller Park and tends it lovingly.  He has spearheaded the efforts for Miller Ecological Park to receive designations as a Monarch Waystation and recently as a Certified Wildlife Habitat Site by the National Wildlife Federation.  He scheduled the Ohio Department of Transportation to come out to the park and do an official elevation measurement of "Miller Mountain" aka the sledding hill. A marker was placed to record the measurement: 883 feet! 

From "Wildflower of Miller Ecological Park"  Some wildflowers you may see right now at MEP:  Dandelion, Slender Speedwell, Purple Dead-nettle, Whitlow Grass, Hairy Bittercress, Daffodil, Ground Ivy, Pennsylvania Bittercress, Flowering Cherry, Hairy Rock Cress, Henbit, White Dead-Nettle, Winter Cress, Spring Beauty, Round-leaved Ragwort, Common Chickweed, Blue Violet, and more!! (Bob's book will give you ideas of where to look in the parks and dates)

Engraved Brick

Engraved Pavers: Still Time to Order for the Third Round! 


Miller Ecological Park Trustees and Steering Committee are organizing an engraved paver fund-raising project to help fund a restroom/shelter/storage building for the entrance of MEP. The first group of bricks,64 total, were installed in late 2020. The THIRD group will be coming soon. There is still time to order for this placement. The committees are offering the engraved Pavers for $100 donations.  300 pavers are planned to line both sides of the stone walk from the parking lot to the entry way feature. (4x8 Paver; 3 lines of text; 14 characters per line)  We are currently taking orders for the second run. For an order form: Click Here.
We're going on a bear hunt at MEP

Family Park Programs Planned!

The March program "Let's Play Nature Bingo" was enjoyed by many families.  100 Bingo Cards were taken and 10 were submitted.  Even if cards were not submitted, they provided a chance for famiies to explore and discover Miller Ecological Park together.

Storybook Trail at Miller Ecological Park in April