Gadwall at MEP 2/15/2020 (Austin Langdon)Eastern Blue Bird, MEP  2/15/2020 (Austin Langdon)Northern Mockingbird at MEP 2/15/20 (Austin Langdon)Carolina Tree Wren at MEP 2/15/2020 (Austin Langdon)...Kildeer at MEP 2/15/2020 (Austin Langdon)Red Shouldered Hawk at MEP 2/15/2020 (Austin Langdon)American Tree Sparrow at MEP 2/15/2020 (Austin Langdon)

The Season is Bright at Miller Ecological Park

Located within walking distance of three Lebanon City Schools and along the City's bike path, the opportunities and benefits of developing The Will and Harriet Miller Park as an ecological park for passive recreational activities have inspired City administrators and planners, area school personnel, local businesses, service organizations, neighbors, and the Miller Family descendants to join together to make the idea become a reality.   To see picture titles, place your cursor on the picture. To view a map of the park: Click Here


March 15, 2020: Winter Hiking Enjoyment  Time 10-12.  Meet at Miller Road Parking Lot.

April 11, 2020: Native Plants for Native Bees and Pollinators  Time 10-12.  Meet at Miller Road Parking Lot

 April 13, 2020: Steering Committee Meeting. 7:00. City Building  


 Austin Langdon is monitoring the birds at MEP:  Click here:for


Emiko Moore is looking for volunteers for the Japanese Friendship Garden Committee and ideas for a landscaper. Contact Emiko Moore through Casey Burdick at the Lebanon City Building. 513-228-3104. Also contact Casey Burdick to learn about other volunteer opportunities.  March -October, 3rd Wednesday from 5-6:30pm Volunteer Program.



The Gadwall was a new sighting at the Park

Back Yard Bird Count A Success

On February 15 from 9-11AM, the cold temperatures did not stop the Girl Scouts or Austin Langdon and others from attending the Backyard Bird Count at MEP. 31 species were observed with 518 individual birds counted. A number of photos that Austin Langdon was able to take are shown in the opening scroll of photos on this page. Check here for the specific count results:…

Next Meeting of the Miller Ecological Park Steering Committee: April 13, 2020, Lebanon City Building, 7:00PM



March 17, 2016 at MEP

Winter Hiking Enjoyment

March 15 at MEP from 10-12, discover the benefits of winter hiking.

Grab your coat and boots and let's go outside!  Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Miller Ecological Park all while working on those resolutions like being more active or trying something new.   We will plan on walking at least the mile loop, but if the conditions are right and the group is up for it, we will also walk the Cedar and Prairie Loops.  Along the way, learn about the Park, nature, and tips to make those winter hikes more enjoyable.

Celebrating 10 years February 10, 2020

Celebrating 10 Years

2020 marked ten years since the Miller Ecological Steering Committee was formed to assist the City of Lebanon in developing the Will and Harriet Miller Ecological Park. Members took a few minutes out of the February meeting to celebrate those who have concluded their early positions at MEP:  Tim Huitger, leader for all ten years who is taking a job with the City of Lebanon, Jane Davis who organized and coordinated the Oktoberfest for five years, Faith Nicolett who organized and planned the Grand Opening May 2013, and Carol Carraway who was the secretary and go-to person for six years.  We all look forward to exciting new developments in the next ten years!!



Common Violet Spring Native

From"Native Ohio Plant Month"

Saving Ohio Starts With You…

Learn about what you can do to help restore Ohio’s ecosystems by planting  and protecting our native plants.

The UN General Assembly proclaimed 2020 as International Year of Plant Health (IYPH)

April 2020 is our FIRST Ohio Native Plant Month, and the 50 Anniversary of Earth Day!

Plan a native plant event for April 2020!  

MEP Event: April 11, 2020: Native Plants for Native Bees and Pollinators  Time 10-12.  Meet at Miller Road Parking Lot

 For more information, click here


Janet Lasley coming May 9: Wild Edibles and Medicinal Plants

Looking Forward...

1) Each month there will continue to be a Saturday Nature Program. (Check the Miller Park Facebook page and website for the program titles and times)
2) Emiko Moore will be forming a committee to further create and expand the Japanese Friendship Garden.
3) We look forward to a metamorphosis of the Lebanon Garden Club Butterfly Release event.  
4) We will continue to look for funding sources to add a restroom, water source, and shelter at the Miller Road entrance.
5) The battle against invasive species and the on-going improvement and maintenance projects will continue to be a priority.
6) And much more!!  Check the website...join us for the Steering Committee Meetings....Contact Casey Burdick at the City Building to volunteer. (513-228-3104)